Metal works


Pariteh offers following metal works:

  • MIG / MAG, TIG welding of metal structures, stainless steel electrode welding, welding of aluminum or ferrous metal parts.
  • Welding of stainless steel pipes in a fully shielded gas environment (up to 330 mm diameter).
  • Mechanical and/or chemical cleaning of stainless steel parts and welds.
  • Soldering of non-ferrous metals (such as copper) with special solders.
  • Metal, plastic and other material sawing up to a maximum diameter of 315 mm.
  • Manual plasma cutting for metals up to 38mm thick.
  • Guillotine cutting of sheet metals with a maximum cutting length of 3 m and a thickness of 10 mm.
  • Sheet metal roll flashing. Rolled part width up to 2 m.
  • Bending of sheet metals. Maximum edge length 3.1 m and compressive strength 125 t.
  • Metal drilling and minor turning work
  • Metal construction work and services.
  • Transport and lifting service with a boom truck and a port truck with a tailgate. Maximum load capacity 8.6 T and box area 18.4 m². Maximum lifting weight next to the car 3.5 T.

In partnership with J.I.T we offer:

  • Welding of PE / PP plastic pipe couplings, assembly of pipelines on sites. Maximum outer diameter of the welded pipe 315 mm. It is possible to print out the welding test for inspection.
  • Installation of PVC pipes with glued and sleeve connections (excluding excavation work).

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