Welding units Fronius 3 units

  • MIG welding (stainless steel, aluminium, ferrous metal)

Welding machine TIG

  • Stainless steel welding

Guillotine Strong Line

  • Maximum thickness 9 mm black metal
  • Maximum thickness 8 mm stainless teel
  • Maximum length of detail 3000 mm

Cutting metals with a band saw

  • Maximum diameter 652 mm

Roll flashing machine

  • Maximum thickness 7mm
  • Maximum length 2000mm
  • Maximum diameter 220mm

Roll flashing machine

  • Maximum length 2000mm
  • Minimum diameter 160mm

Roll flashing machine

  • Thickness 1 mm
  • Maximum length 1000mm
  • Minimum diameter 70mm

Flashing machine

  • Thickness up to 10 mm
  • Maximum length 3000 mm
  • Bending pressure 125 T

Pipe welding kit (for stainless steel pipe in gas environment)

  • Maximum diameter 330 mm

Plastic welding

  • Welding of PE / PP plastic pipe couplings, assembly of pipelines on site. Maximum outer diameter of the welded pipe 315 mm. Possibility to print out the welding test.

In production

  • SKF belt drive tension and bearing noise / vibration testing equipment

Plasma cutters

Drilling machine


Maximum dimensions of details

  • Door dimensions 5mx5m
  • Lifting capacity 5 T (two-point hoist crane)

Liquid and powder coating

Powder coating

  • Maximum detail lenght 6,2m
  • Maximum detail width 1,2m
  • Maximum detail height 1,9m

Liquid coating

Abrasive cleaning (shot blasting)

Turning and milling

  • Turning
  • Milling

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